12 December 2005

Glory Hallelujah, Where's the Buffet?!

Soup Plantation here I come, oh hell, I think my stomach is already there. Howdy ya'll! I am soooo happy... (can't ya tell?).

So, guess what I did at 9:01 this morning... ok, ok, it might have been 9:20-I was busy. Yep, I called the ol' doc's office again... um hello... this is Tami again, Yes I was there on Friday, yes, the pain is still here. and oh yeah... I'M HUNGRY and CRANKY! ... oh, the doctor will have to call me back... great.. thanks...

tick tock, tick tock-3 long hungry hours later......(made even longer by many, many people coming into my office this morning... ) he calls... "What's the problem" he says.. I reply - "the pain is still there, no change all weekend"... he says.. "what pain"... me- "do you have my chart?" "No" he says... WHAT... who has a doctor call a patient without giving them the friggin chart... hello people.. i work for a doctor... its common sense... oh yeah.. i forgot... common sense is not common....

anyway... to make a long story short.. i end up seeing a colleague of his... she is so nice... so understanding.. and she had common sense too! woo hoo... no urine, no tubes of blood to give up... I did however have to go thru a EEG (normal heart-thank you very much) and two chest x-rays (of which we will find out the results tomorrow). Basically she thinks that the cartilage between my ribs is "inflamed". Kinda like a pulled muscle. Motrin and no strenous activity and in a few weeks I should be fine.... and the motrin... I should take with food... did you read that... food... yeppers... back to a normal diet... However after getting on the scale-I think I should stay on the liquid diet.... (after the holidays, of course)

christmas cookies here I come.... opps.. i mean Holiday cookies... (don't want to offend)

11 December 2005

I'm Hungry!

For those of you who know me, you know that I love food. When I was younger, much younger, I was quite the picky eater. I am now making up for lost time. But last Wednesday something started brewing in my belly.... Something not right. I was invited to lunch with friends so, of course, I went. I had a very yummy steak sandwich. Even though I was only half way thru my sandwich and having been taught by my father to clean my plate, I had a few more bites. (thanks dad). The pressure in my stomach told me to stop... Later that night and all day thursday the pressure was still there. Friday morning, at exactly 9:01, I called my doctors and begged to come in. The lovely receptionist felt pity for me and scheduled me for 9:45.

The doctor asked me all the important questions: How much caffeine do you drink? How much chocolate? Does it hurt more when you lay down? And the best question of all... Could you be pregnant?! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha, ha.... "um No!" I laughed and told why there was no way I was pregnant, she seemed to understand. After peeing in a cup, and two tubes of blood, her nurse came back in to my room and told me " Your urine test is normal, you are not pregnant" Really, I said. Are you sure.... cause you know i was really sweating that one....

What could it be... the doctor is not sure.. Gas?? Acid?? Gallbadder? (not a fetus, whew!). So my doctor comes into my room and tells me... Let's put you on a clear liquid diet for the weekend and see what happens... WHAT! no coffee? no yogurt with granola? no chocolate? pasta? Was I a murderer in my past life? What the hell did I do in my previous live to deserve this treatment. No Food.. she doesn't understand. Does she know I was invited to Beth and Kathy's house for game night this weekend... does she know that there are going to be cookies there??

It is now Sunday morning. I am starving. I have lost 3 pounds in 2 days. I'm cranky and my apartment is a mess. The pills she gave me are not working. I am to lethargic to knit or crochet... I am trying really hard to stay on this "liquid diet" but i am having my coffee in the morning... if not i will get a migraine.. and I do not want a migraine and my stomach pain at the same time...

So, tomorrow morning at 9:01, I will be calling my doctors office yet again... wish me luck

04 December 2005

Is that you Grandma?

Honestly, granny squares are not my thing. I can appreciate the talent that goes into making them. And once, Ellen was kind enough to show me how to make one. But then... I saw a truly funky granny square scarf... that scarf has been haunting me for weeks. So a few days ago I googled (I love google) "granny square scarf" and found these beauties: I think they retailed for about $44. Each!

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat yet? ... I know you asking yourself "did she buy all 3?" Heck No! Yesterday, I conveniently found myself just blocks from the Stitch Cafe in Valley Village and as the yarn gods would have it... i found the perfect yarn in the best colors! It was fate. And the price.... even better... I can make one of these babies for $31

For the yarn connoisseurs out there.. i found Wool Gatto for $7.75 a skein (181 yards)
Of course I had to make it my own. I decided to use the pattern for the Floribunda square that i found in the untimate resource book " The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches" .... what do you think?

Granny square... i think i love you....

03 December 2005


Ok, Ok, Ok. I've finally jumped on the blogging bandwagon. Partly because i'm tired of people asking "do you have a blog?" or "when are you getting a blog?" And partly because of Crazy Aunt Purl who posted a quiz on her site... My hope is that you will find this site, oh so entertaining. My fear is that after a few weeks I will read my previous posts and realize that my life is truly boring. Enjoy.

Ten Random things you might not know about me:
1 I hate making decisions
2 I'm trying to stop swearing (i've got such the trucker mouth)
3 I hate liars
4 I want to walk down the asile
5 I love to hear gossip (but I never tell.... promise)
6 I truly am a dork
7 I can't tell jokes
8 I'm horrible with money
9 I have no will power
10 I could eat myself into a sugar induced coma... daily

Nine places I've visited
1 Niagara Falls (the Canadian side)
2 Toronto
3 San Francisco
4 Las Vegas
5 Tampa
6 I need
7 to
8 travel
9 more!!

Eight ways to win my heart
1 rub my feet and back and neck....oh heck, just let me go to Burke Williams every satuday
2 tell the truth (see number 3 above)
3 feed me
4 laugh at my bad jokes
5 listen
6 do the grocery shopping
7 sing to me
8 make me laugh

Seven things I want to do before I die
1 go to Italy
2 own a home
3 finish college
4 win the lottery (seriously... i hate working)
5 travel, travel, travel
6 volunteer more
7 own a huge yarn stash (and have the talent to do something with it)

Six things I'm afraid of:
1 Working until i'm 80
2 Republicans
3 Not having enoungh money when I retire
4 Being a bad wife and mother
5 Not being understood
6 Dying alone

Five things I don't like:
1 liars
2 the middle seat on an airplane
3 fake homeless people
4 cleaning the litter box
5 sweating

Four ways to turn me off
1 being a pesimist
2 lie
3 not being yourself
4 be mean

Three things I do everyday
1 Try to find time to knit
2 Hope for a better job
3 Laugh

Two things that make me happy
1 Watching my son cross the finish line (he runs cross country)
2 Finishing a project

One thing on my mind right now
1 hmm... will anyone read this??

Um, what to do now... Evan (my son) is gone for night, Maria (my better half) is gone until Christmas Eve... should I knit? should I crochet? bubblebath? coffee? see... I can't make a decision....