19 September 2006

I feel pretty, Oh so pretty

Patterns, and notions and fabric. Oh my.

This saturday i'm attempting a more formal sewing class at F & S. (Thanks Carla and Natalie) Let's hope that this turns out to look good....

Do you love this fabric or what? It is something I normally wouldn't pick out, but it was so different I just had to get it... i have visions of a knee lenght skirt, white shirt, and black sweater...

15 September 2006

Brokeback Vampire

I soooo wanted these two to make out!

05 September 2006

Instructions Manual's Part 2

So, yes, I went to the second half of my sewing class this past Saturday. And yes, Satin was there. Part of me felt a bit guilty for snapping a few pictures telling they boys that I just love taking pictures. I couldn't bear to tell them that I was posting them on my blog so that my crafty friends could pick out Satin. Is that wrong?

The class went better than the first one. Satin was practicing all week and attempted a try at sewing a purse. I was going to take a pict of that but figured that was crossing the line... Quilting guy showed up, he was my favorite. He was really a nice guy. The instructor was nice and I did learn a thing or two but I don't think I'll take another class from her.

We ended up making two projects: A "plastic bag dispenser" and a pillow case. My dispenser is nice, I just don't see the need for one. I just use another plastic bag. This may end up being a christmas present for mom... hee hee. Here's a pict of the pillow case. I picked out the pattern with my son in mind. Thankfully he likes it. Notice the oh so fancy ohh la la french seam.

double click for better picture

And for your view pleasure: (which one is Satin?)