12 December 2005

Glory Hallelujah, Where's the Buffet?!

Soup Plantation here I come, oh hell, I think my stomach is already there. Howdy ya'll! I am soooo happy... (can't ya tell?).

So, guess what I did at 9:01 this morning... ok, ok, it might have been 9:20-I was busy. Yep, I called the ol' doc's office again... um hello... this is Tami again, Yes I was there on Friday, yes, the pain is still here. and oh yeah... I'M HUNGRY and CRANKY! ... oh, the doctor will have to call me back... great.. thanks...

tick tock, tick tock-3 long hungry hours later......(made even longer by many, many people coming into my office this morning... ) he calls... "What's the problem" he says.. I reply - "the pain is still there, no change all weekend"... he says.. "what pain"... me- "do you have my chart?" "No" he says... WHAT... who has a doctor call a patient without giving them the friggin chart... hello people.. i work for a doctor... its common sense... oh yeah.. i forgot... common sense is not common....

anyway... to make a long story short.. i end up seeing a colleague of his... she is so nice... so understanding.. and she had common sense too! woo hoo... no urine, no tubes of blood to give up... I did however have to go thru a EEG (normal heart-thank you very much) and two chest x-rays (of which we will find out the results tomorrow). Basically she thinks that the cartilage between my ribs is "inflamed". Kinda like a pulled muscle. Motrin and no strenous activity and in a few weeks I should be fine.... and the motrin... I should take with food... did you read that... food... yeppers... back to a normal diet... However after getting on the scale-I think I should stay on the liquid diet.... (after the holidays, of course)

christmas cookies here I come.... opps.. i mean Holiday cookies... (don't want to offend)


Blogger Lori said...

Yeah, Tami! I'm so glad you can eat again, I was getting sympathy hunger pains for you! I'll help you make up for lost time--I'm bringing some goodies to Thursday's SnB since I'll be missing the "holiday" celebration next week.

6:06 PM  
Blogger tk said...

Yikes... I won't be there this week, Evan has a Christmas Concert at school... have some yummies for me..

6:23 PM  
Blogger tk said...

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6:23 PM  

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