22 January 2006

Steeler Sunday

On this busy Sunday, I'm sure most of you are planning on spending time with your families. Or you may just be relaxing with a good book or skein of yummy yarn. Please, I ask of you, take a moment, calm your breathing, focus your energies and pray:

Our Father, who is Art Rooney in Heaven, football be thy game.
Thy kingdom come, 4 Super Bowls won, on earth as it is at Heinz Field.
Give us this day our playoff victory, and forgive us our penalties,
As we defeat those who play against us. Lead us to a playoff victory, and deliver us to Detroit.

17 January 2006


Lots going on people.. so sit back, relax and enjoy the updates.

Health: I've lost 3 pounds. This has been verified by both my personal scale (naked and before any food or coffee) and my doctors scale. Yippie! I have had enough green tea and water to float a small boat, but they say it's good for you so I guess I'll keep on drinkin'. And yes, I'm going to the gym.

Sports: Go Steelers. nuff said

Books: Currently reading- Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. Great book! Sorry I missed the play when it was in town. Also reading My Life by Bill Clinton. This is not the page turner that Wicked is ... its the perfect book to pick up, read a few chapters then come back to it in a few weeks.

Evan: Knock Knock.... Whos there? Puberty. Puberty Who? Puberty's gonna kick this door down and theres nothing you can do about it.... HELP ME... please. He wants coffee in the morning... I not ready... my god.. he's going to be 13 this year.. do you know what that makes me?? old... Honestly though, I am happy for him. Scared.. but happy. Evans awesome. How can a mother not love this face:

Maria: She's back in Florida for the next weeks. Which means I have to cook. I truly don't mind cleaning, but cooking.. i loath cooking. This is why we have phones and people to call and say: "Um, Hi, I'm hungry. Yes, can you please bring lots of yummy food for me and the boy. I'll pay.. and I tip well... Thanks... see you in 45 minutes." But Noooo . Ms. Maria went grocery shopping before she left and spent oddless of cash just so I don't have to. But now I have no excuse for ordering in...

Completed Projects: Here's the granny square scarf. Not bad for a first try at crochet.

And finally, for your enjoyment. These last two pictures are the view from my office. My cushy office, which, from all the rumors going around, won't be mine much longer.

09 January 2006

Time to get off my a**!

I hate new years resolutions! They are set up for failure. Think about it.. we all get really excited.. "This year, I resolve to be a better person" or the most popular " I will lose weight!" and one week into the new year most of us will not be that better person probably because some moron pissed us off. (and in LA, there are many many mornons). And of course someone has to eat those leftover holiday cookies and boxes of chocolate. Right?

I really didn't have a resolution this year, but at 11:55 on New years eve, as Evan, Maria and myself sat and watched Dick Clark we started talking about resolutions. So, I think... yes, I really will try to be "the better person" and I will work really hard to not get so stressed at work. I secretly promised myself to try to be healthier.. note: i did not say that i would lose weight. that should come with being healthier ... a nice little white lie to myself....

Cut to a week later when I had the opportunity to recieve a free heart screen from a top cardiologist at work. Sure I have a strong family history on my mothers side of my family, sure I have a horrible diet.. but my cocky self went in thinking that I would hear that I am in great health.. just need to lose a few pounds is all... But to my Heart Health Horror.... check out these results... (and i'm sharing with you so that you will all help me in my current endeavor to get off my ass!)

Total Cholesterol 166 (good)
Total LDL (the bad cholesterol) 75 (so good it wasn't even on the scale)
Total HDL (the good cholesterol) 35 (so, so bad. normal low is 50)
Total Triglycerides 280 (very very bad. this number should be below 150)

BMI (body mass index) 26.3 (high - 28 is considered obese)
Weight 158 at the doctors office --- 153 at home... of course i am going with the lower of the two

The good news is- If I make some changes in my diet.. ie: more veggies, fiber and water, you know.. all the good stuff.. and GET OFF MY ASS .... i will be fine... which is hard to do when your hobbies are knitting and reading.. (you should see my slender wrists... they are HOT!)

So forget being a better person... i'm going to be grumpy from the "better eating habits" that I am trying to start. Notice that I am not saying "diet" i hate that word... and as of today, me and a co-worker have joined the gym at work..... this should help.. i just hope that i can keep it up! Believe it or not.. i used to be a gym rat! But that was a long time ago.. I still often wonder what George had in his little black bag... (Norma... that last comment was for you)... ha ha ha..

So, what am i going to do now... ....... knit of course! I'll go to the gym tomorrow... i promise...