26 February 2006

Painting the town Red

I'm so tired. I've been a bit overzealous this week in my efforts to get out more. And even though its only 5:47 as I write this, I'm ready to go to bed. I guess I can't hang with the big dogs anymore.

here's a glance at the last 7 days-

Sunday and Monday- pretty normal days execpt I had to cover for two other co-workers which meant I didn't get much of my workk done. but thats ok because the only thing that matters is that their work got done...

Tuesday- Cheap Trick at the House of Blues with Fiona, Bob and Bob's friend.

Wednesday- In bed at 9 to try to recover from coming home really late last night. Not to meantion my throat hurts from screaming to be heard over the music.

Thursday- Cranky start to the morning. I was still tired and I couldn't have my coffee until after my blood draw. (nothing serious, I'm participating in a wine study at the hospital) It took four tries to get a vein! ouch. After work I went up to City Hall to check out the women's Advisory Board Meeting. Lucky me, there is a position open and I am seriously considering applying.

Friday- Party at Cynthias house. I really really didn't want to go, but I figured if I quite flaking on her invites.. i'm not going to be invited anymore.

Saturday- Got new cell phones, Dinner at Barneys Beanery with Maria, Evan, Miranda, and Indy.

Sunday-Today. NOTHING! and i deserve it.

We have yet to see Ashes and Snow thanks to Marias prick boss who is screwing with her schedule... its ok though.. its here until May (i think)!

i'm such the social butterfly... i think i'll stay in this week, except for Stitch and Bitch.. i'm starting to miss those crazy knitting and stitching bitches....

11 February 2006

Silence is Golden

I'm sure most of you can relate... I've gotten to that comfortable place in my life where every day is pretty much the same: get up, coffee, work, lunch, work, workout, dinner, love the family, knit, and sleep. It's safe, its predictable, and after a while you realize that years, not days, but years have passed on by. The love life is turning mundane... even my favorite spot on the couch now has a permanent dent in the shape of my ass. I am 35, I currently live in one of the world's most happening cities and my calendar is only full of birthdays, church events, Dr's appointments and Stitch and Bitch outings (most of which I totally flake on)!

I've turned into a hermit. Mind you, I'm a happy hermit, but I had a better social life in po-dunk Ohio. (sorry everyone in ole' NE Ohio, you know i'm not coming back unless i'm homeless or one of you is deathly ill-so eat your veggies!)

So, how do we remedy this? We (that is Maria and I) promised to do one thing each week, kinda a date night. Whether it be a walk up to Mel's on Sunset for coffee and pie or up to Laemmle's to catch a new indie movie. We vowed to get a better social life. Maria and I have this habit of planning things and then never doing them. I scoured the LA Weekly knowing that I'd find one or two things we could agree on. Lo and behold, what did my eyes find....

"A Silent Valentine's Special at The Silent Movie Theater" Yippie! I love the Silent Movie Theatre ! Listen to this teaser... "Harold Lloyd in "Girl Shy" with short films by Charley Chase and Buster Keaton! Live musical accompaniment and special musical guest"

Now I just had to convince Maria to go with me.... Yippie again... she rolled her eyes, but she agreed. (I'm so spoiled). So thats where we went last night... This place is so much fun... Corny, but fun. Apparently its the last Silent Movie Theatre in the world. Not sure how true that is, but who cares... it's less than a mile from our apartment.

Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys were there for a pre-show mini concert, they were well worth the price of admission. At first I was cracking up... she reminded me of someone you would see on HBO's Real Sex... But then, I actually enjoyed listening to them... I just may buy one of their CD's. The movie was cheesy fun... the makeup, the costumes, the innuendos!! ... oh my! This was crazy fun. The place was packed, some men even dressed in suits and hats.. i loved it! Unfortunately the theatre isn't open often, but I think I did hear something last night that they are going to try to be open at least one weekend a month... guess who's going to be there!!
I can't wait.

Evan's take on this is too much... he can't understand why you would go see a movie without sound or color when there are plently of "talkies" to go see.... did you catch that... "talkies" i'm learning the silent movie lingo...

Next week on our social calendar... Ashes and Snow at the pier.