22 January 2006

Steeler Sunday

On this busy Sunday, I'm sure most of you are planning on spending time with your families. Or you may just be relaxing with a good book or skein of yummy yarn. Please, I ask of you, take a moment, calm your breathing, focus your energies and pray:

Our Father, who is Art Rooney in Heaven, football be thy game.
Thy kingdom come, 4 Super Bowls won, on earth as it is at Heinz Field.
Give us this day our playoff victory, and forgive us our penalties,
As we defeat those who play against us. Lead us to a playoff victory, and deliver us to Detroit.


Blogger scottro said...

Woohoo! A crushing victory for the Black and Gold. Seattle is terrified (I can feel it from here).

One for the thumb, here we come.


8:48 AM  
Blogger Lori said...

Cool. love your little prayer--I'll keep my fingers crossed for you (and the team!). Here's something to do at half-time, I'm tagging you! Answer for all the world to see if you dare....
(consider a ready-made blog entry)

4 jobs you've had in your life (best to worst)

4 movies you could watch over and over

4 TV shows you love to watch

4 places you have lived

4 places you've been on vacation

4 websites you visist daily

4 of your favorite foods

4 places you'd rather be right now

4 bloggers you are tagging (no tagbacks!)

3:02 AM  

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