03 December 2007

Quilts-R-Us also know as How I spent my summer

I'm having a love affair with my sewing maching. Enjoy the products of our summer of love.

Yes! I'm aware it's December. And Yes, I'm just getting around to posting these pictures for your viewing pleasure. Don't judge.....just enjoy


23 November 2007

Ravelry ~ Here I come

Its been a long year since I've last posted. So much has happened. I promise to fill you in on all the gorey details later I promise.

I finally received my Ravelry invite earlier today. I honestly think I just spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out how to use it and set myself up as a user. Most of that time was spent trying to download pictures of two projects. If your a member of Ravelry, you can check out my page here: http://www.ravelry.com/people/louisefrank

I haven't knitted in a while, and recently my life has been turned upside down. But sitting here at my computer for the last few hours made me realize how much I miss working on my crafts and especially my knitting friends. I really need to get off my ass on Thursday night for a little stichin' and bitchin'.

See you all at the Famers Market soon....

19 September 2006

I feel pretty, Oh so pretty

Patterns, and notions and fabric. Oh my.

This saturday i'm attempting a more formal sewing class at F & S. (Thanks Carla and Natalie) Let's hope that this turns out to look good....

Do you love this fabric or what? It is something I normally wouldn't pick out, but it was so different I just had to get it... i have visions of a knee lenght skirt, white shirt, and black sweater...

15 September 2006

Brokeback Vampire

I soooo wanted these two to make out!

05 September 2006

Instructions Manual's Part 2

So, yes, I went to the second half of my sewing class this past Saturday. And yes, Satin was there. Part of me felt a bit guilty for snapping a few pictures telling they boys that I just love taking pictures. I couldn't bear to tell them that I was posting them on my blog so that my crafty friends could pick out Satin. Is that wrong?

The class went better than the first one. Satin was practicing all week and attempted a try at sewing a purse. I was going to take a pict of that but figured that was crossing the line... Quilting guy showed up, he was my favorite. He was really a nice guy. The instructor was nice and I did learn a thing or two but I don't think I'll take another class from her.

We ended up making two projects: A "plastic bag dispenser" and a pillow case. My dispenser is nice, I just don't see the need for one. I just use another plastic bag. This may end up being a christmas present for mom... hee hee. Here's a pict of the pillow case. I picked out the pattern with my son in mind. Thankfully he likes it. Notice the oh so fancy ohh la la french seam.

double click for better picture

And for your view pleasure: (which one is Satin?)

30 August 2006

Why Instruction Manuals Are A Good Thing

I think most of you are aware that I signed up for a beginner sewing class. Through osmosis and a seamstress mother I know the basics of sewing, but I have never been interested in sitting down and learning how to sew correctly. Sure I have made 2 throw bags and I'm quite impressed that they have not fallen apart yet as the first one was done mostly by hand. So last Saturday was my first class. I woke up a bit excited (cause i'm a dork) and packed everything. The machine, the manual, the pins and needles, the fabric and thread, you get the point. I even had to bring my own iron and towel. (Since I wasn't going to an established fabric store but the gay and lesbian center .. I had to bring everything but the kitchen sink.) I get my coffee and crap and head out the door. I was even 15 minutes early, which by LA standards, I was an hour early. But this is a good thing! As I start to set up my table I realize that I FORGOT THE POWER CORD! Argh! I knew I didn't have to dig to the bottoms of the two giant bags of stuff that I brought... I knew exactly where it was, yes, home in the dining room closest ... One shelf above where I keep the machine...

So, what did I do next? You know I ran my ass to my car, blew down Santa Monica Blvd like I was in labor, pulled in the driveway, threw the car in park, (blocked the only way in or out of the complex), ran inside, grabbed the cord and was right back in my seat in class within 15 minutes! To those of you who have ever driven down Santa Monica Blvd.. you know this was an amazing feat. Whew

So I arrive to class (on time, thank you very much) to the cheers "She made it" from 5 lovely gay men. I was the only girl. LOL.. bet you don't see that at many sewing classes...

Let me take a moment to describe some of the boys in the class. One purchased his extremely old machine from Out of the Closet, he has never sewn and brought a bag of fabric hoping to start a quilt. One forgot his power cord (not me) and didn't live close enough to fly home and get it. Another one was quite normal, normal as in he is somewhat familiar with sewing and read the instructors supply list and brought the proper fabric and notions. Then there is "Satin". Satin is special for a couple of reasons.
1-He brought satin fabric to class because he liked it better than "plain ol' cotton" that we are supposed to bring for our projects.

2-He purchased his machine the night before class.

3-He didn't think he needed the manual, so he didn't look at it.

4-drumroll please.......... he thought you used the foot pedal like a mouse. Yes, you read right! He actually said (with his hand on his hip). "How am I supposed to move the fabric if my hand is on the pedal"

Ok now, part of me felt bad for laughing out loud (i wasn't the only one) But part of me wanted to asked him where the hell he got that idea. I surveyed a few people in the past few days (all of whom have never sewn)... they ALL knew that the pedal goes on the floor...

At this point I realize that class is more remedial rather than beginner.. but at least I had a good laugh. And yes, I am going back for part 2 this saturday. I'll post picts of my projects and maybe my classmates (you can try to figure out which one is Satin).

22 August 2006

Happy Birthday Leo's

Happy Birthday Evan!

This is my baby. I don't think I can call him my baby anymore. As of yesterday, my baby, my son, Evan, officially became a teenager! Yes can you believe at the young age of 24, I am the mother of a 13 year old male. (ok, ok.. i'm not 24, more on my age later). Just look at him! 13! Hormones, mustaches, and girls! OH MY! I don't know if I'm ready. Really. This is scary. With hormones come attitude, with mustaches I have to give him more bathroom time and with girls, well, that would just mean more hormones calling my house! Haven't scientist found the cure for the common teenager yet?

In all honesty I have to say, I am a bit scared but I'm also proud. I would not trade him for the world. As hard as it was when I was young and trying to survive with a baby, It was hard, really hard and you know what... I have no regrets. I have an amazing young man who I am lucky enough to call my son. Happy Birthday Evan. I love you.

Happy Birthday Leo (part 2)

Saying I'm the mother of a 13 year old is hard. But to tell you that I just turned 36 is easy! I love my birthday. I love the presents and cards and cake (and more cake). (does that make me vain?) I love 1 whole day being all about me. Its almost like a get out of jail free card. I can do whatever I want because ITS MY BIRTHDAY! I had one of the best weekends!

Friday: I made my favorite chocolate chip cheesecake. This, I will admit, is usually only shared with a minimum amount of people and then I eat the rest. I kid you not. I have been known to keep this cheesecake in my fridge with a fork in the cake so all I have to do is open the door, pull out the cake take a bite and put it back in for later. This year I took the oh so yummy cheese cake to work to share with friends (there is a whole other story around this that I will share later). Thank goodness I only had two pieces, the rest was devoured my office mates. I so wanted more but my pants were telling me to share or go shopping for bigger clothes.

Friday night: I was set to be alone with a movie and sandwich when I was surprised by my neighbor with a raspberry Danish with candles for me to blow out... Thanks Miranda and Indy. (please don't ever move)

Saturday: Oh Saturday! First I got up to help friends tape a tv pilot. I got to be the soundguy. Not sure how good I did, but it was fun. This used a living room with wall to wall bookcases: (this is only have the wall)

Promptly at 12:15 I left the taping to head home to grab my yarn bag and then to meet Lori and head to the Fiber and Bead Fest in Santa Monica. Half an hour and two buses later, there we were. Oh I swear I heard angels singing. Yarn in every stage, Beads, Fabric and even antique buttons. No kids, no significant others asking "are you done yet?" We had all day! It was great. Heres a few picts:

Did you notice my spindle?? Read all about mine and Lori's spindle purchases in Sachi's blog. She is quite the pusher! I soooo addicted! After a day of shopping and a quickie spinning lesson (thanks Sachi) it was back to the bus. Another 1/2 on the bus and a 1/2 hour walk back to West Hollywood, Lori and I had dinner at Panini on Santa Monica Blvd. I don't think I got home until around 9:00. and yes, I did spin some before i passed out!

Sunday, Maria and I finally spent sometime together: Lunch at Chin Chin on Sunset, laying in the grass at Echo park and a Thai massage, my weekend was complete! Thanks Everyone.